Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Social Event of the Season

Last night was one of my favorite events of the year.

The Father/Daughter Prom.

Bridget looks forward to it every year and so does Ray. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the actual prom and see all the cute girls dressed up, escorted by their adoring fathers.

But, I do get the pleasure of hosting a group of Bridget's friends and their families. We start the evening with cocktail fortification for the Daddies and mocktails for the girls. Whatever brothers have been drug along for the evening retreat to the back with pizza, drinks and airsoft guns and start shooting things. And each other.

The mommies act civilized and sit in the dining room and enjoy each other's company, some food, and wine.

At the end of the evening, the daddies and the wilted flowers return with stories of the Macarena, the Hokie Pokie, and the hula-hoop contest.

It's a great tradition. I'm sad that maybe after only another year or so, Bridget will feel she is "too old" to attend. I need to savor these times. Check the photos!

The party's over. One tired bunny.


Cathy West said...

So cute!

Can you believe Joey will be attending the Junior/Senior Prom this coming Saturday? They are holding it at the SF Design Center, so fancy!

my so-called life said...

look how beautiful she is? love her curled up in the end :)

Michele S said...

How adorable! I've never heard of the father/daughter prom, but I love the idea. I wonder how one navigates teh father/daughter prom when they are father/daughter/daughter? Wouldn't that be something? Love the pictures and mocktails.