Friday, April 10, 2009

Lookie! I can grow things!

At least, so far, I can. But I am taking every success as further encouragement that I CAN grow some food, despite my long history of killing houseplants.

This week in the garden:

Lettuce came up! Obviously, I will have to thin these, but we're only a few weeks away from baby green salad!

And this (below) is spinach. Cantcha tell?

Both of those came up a few days ago. This morning I noticed the radishes and carrots pushing up through the compost:

To be honest, I wouldn't be able to tell one plant from another. Which is why I'm glad I was so nerdy and mapped out my garden and have been recording dates that I plant, when the first ones come up, etc.

To any real gardener, my efforts and enthusiasm are probably a bit childish. But I'm having fun, and hope to learn a few useful things that I might be able to pass along to my kids.

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