Thursday, April 30, 2009

Those pesky swine!

I've never been germophobic. Our household rule about eating food off the floor is basically if you're quicker than the dogs, well, then go for it. I don't swab down the grocery carts, and I don't do that funny thing with elbows and paper towels to get out of the restroom at Target without touching anything.

And you know what? We're a pretty healthy household. I've always felt that many health issues aren't a factor as long as you practice good nutrition and good hygeine and I think I'm mostly right.

So why were my kids looking at me as if I was psycho this morning as I popped two antibacterial wipes into each of their lunches and said, "Use one before you eat, and one after, please!"

At least I didn't keep them home from school. Or scouts, or swimming, or music lessons. Unless the state of Texas insists on it. Our elementary school is closed to outside visitors (read: volunteers) until further notice. I think that's smart.

I'm all for caution, but I'm not for hysteria. I'm not going to lock myself and my family in the house and sterilize everything with bleach. Just the produce that has come up from Mexico.

I'm going to watch the news, and not let my kids watch it.

My kids can still have friends over, I'm still going to the neighbor's Kentucky Derby party. But I'm not going to the big art festival down in Fort Worth. Or the Cinqo de Mayo celebration at our nearby Mexican eatery.

Am I taking this too seriously? Or not seriously enough? What are your plans?


Papa said...

No change in the daily routine. The last I heard 7 people have died, world wide, from this flu. At my age I'm sure that something else will get me before the pig!


my so-called life said...

you are NOT going to cristinas for cinco de mayo? that is just plain sad!

Cynthia Boe said...

Hey Pam,
It was great to read your blog. I was wondering what happened with all your emails. I will keep an eye on you through this site. Great to hear how the family is doing. Look forward to seeing you sometime soon!