Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bug O' The Month

During the cold, dry Texas winter, I almost completely forget..... the BUGS!

They're baaaaaacccck!

I saw my first red wasp mud dauber thangy today.

For all of spring and summer, each month seems to bring the emergence or arrival of yet another variety of bug - cicadas (deafening!), June bugs (they usually show up in July, go figure), and grasshoppers (like the plague!).
To the bugs: I didn't miss you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Easter Every Day

One of the great things about my neighborhood is that some people keep chickens. If you've never had an honest-to-goodness farm fresh egg, you have not had eggs. Kind of like the difference between homegrown tomatoes and store-bought. They're just, well, eggier.

And, they're pretty! Their shapes, colors and sizes vary (though the taste does not). I just love picking up a new batch of eggs and seeing all the lovely shades of brown, blue, green & everything in between!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's coming....

The air is no longer dry and bitter cold.

The weeds are sprouting through the crew-cut dormant St. Augustine grass.

Baseball practice has been scheduled to start Saturday.

The well-grazed pastures are hazing from gold to green.

Pitch black has been replaced by pearly gray when I awaken the kids for school at 6:30.

The birds are wooing, chasing, preening and courting.

And THIS appeared suddenly in my flower bed today in joyous juxtaposition with the skeletal black leafless trees.

A hopeful reminder that the leaves and grasses will soon follow and our winter bleak landscape will re-emerge, green and lush.

I can't wait.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Warning: deviating from boring MommyBlogging. Read at your own risk.

Because I'm writing at my own risk.

I think I'm going to offend a few people here, and I think I may get some surprises at exactly whom.

Besides Lincoln's birthday, today is also Charles Darwin's birthday. In perusing the internet, I came across an article about Mr. Evolution, and it cited a Gallup poll.

Less than 40% of American's believe in evolution.

Are you kidding me? Where did this 60+% go to school? Were you sleeping in science class? What don't you "get" about fossils? Carbon dating? DNA? Spontaneous mutation?

I don't think these views happened in school. The Supreme Court has barred any type of prohibitions against teaching evolution in schools, as well as prohibiting the teaching of creationism. (Don't even get me started on the Texas Board of Education's latest efforts here...)

And here is where I'm gonna start pissing off people I know. I just don't know who yet. Of those who regularly attend church, over 70% don't believe Darwin's theories. Do I have to point out the obvious? I wonder how many of those 70% who don't believe in evolution can also articulate the genesis and history of their own religion? If you delve into the numbers, the education level of the church attendees is pretty much the same as the non-attendees, so you can't assume that only stupid people go to church. Don't make me say the obvious.

Sheeple. Lemmings. Now I'm all riled up at y'all for drinkin' the Kool Aid.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Swimming Update

I know I send those cryptic texts to your cell phones.

I know I "twitter" and that I haven't even explained it to you.

I know I keep bragging about Aidan's swim accomplishments, but it comes out in fits and starts and you probably don't have enough information to tie the whole picture together.

Here's where we're at.

Today was day #2 of a Very Big Swim Meet. One more day to go, but it's a "gimme."

Friday, he swam one event only - the 100 free. He has an "A" time in this event (and at this Very Big Swim Meet, you ONLY swim those events in which you have an A time, instead of the normal A-level format in which THREE A times qualify you to swim any ol' event you want to). He had an A time, but was 6 100ths from the time required to swim it in state champs. He got it. Woohoo!

Today, there were two events. 4x50 (that's 200) free relay and the 100 back. He already has the A time AND the state qualifying time in the 100 back, so no pressure there. But he doesn't have an A time in the 50 free, so the coach had him swim the first leg of this relay, as whatever individual split is attained by the first swimmer only counts for their individual records. See, since he didn't have an A time, he couldn't even swim it individually in this meet. Aidan LOVES relays, loves that everyone always swims faster as part of a relay, and today was no exception. He lopped a full second off his time (that is a LOT in just 50 yards) and achieved both the A time and the state champs time.

Tomorrow is smooth sailin'. The 50-back leg of the 200 medly relay and a 50 back individual. Already has all is qualifying times. I expect him to place well in the 50 back and since it's Sunday and there are so many kids from out of state (Utah! Nebraska! Missouri!), whatever time he swims will stand, there will be no returning for gruelling finals in the evening. He can give it 110% and not have to save anything.

There. Does that make more sense than those cryptic Twitters?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bridie!

Ten years ago today......

Giddy with anticipation, Daddy and I checked into the hospital. We were inducing labor because you were on your way to being a very big baby. I was so excited, because I knew by dinnertime, I'd be holding you in my arms.

There you were. 9.5 pounds of pink perfection. You were a very pretty newborn, which is not very common!

The last 10 years with you have been a joy and you are growing into the most amazing person. While you seem soft and shy, you have such a strong core, and really know how to use it to get something you really want.
Your imagination and writing talent are true gifts, and it gives me such joy to see you put them to use. To exercise your brain, stretch your creative abilities. Keep it up!

You also have physical gifts. Your connection with horses is innate and you have a natural seat and sensitive hands. I've watch with such pride as you've overcome many fears and obstacles in this very challenging sport.
You are such a loving daughter. A good friend to your friends, and a good sister to Aidan. You have a heart of gold.

Keep being you, Baby Bridie, and you will have a wonderful life!