Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's coming....

The air is no longer dry and bitter cold.

The weeds are sprouting through the crew-cut dormant St. Augustine grass.

Baseball practice has been scheduled to start Saturday.

The well-grazed pastures are hazing from gold to green.

Pitch black has been replaced by pearly gray when I awaken the kids for school at 6:30.

The birds are wooing, chasing, preening and courting.

And THIS appeared suddenly in my flower bed today in joyous juxtaposition with the skeletal black leafless trees.

A hopeful reminder that the leaves and grasses will soon follow and our winter bleak landscape will re-emerge, green and lush.

I can't wait.


Hubby said...

I don't know what's prettier, the flower or the writing. Oh, wait! YOU of course.

Cathy West said...