Saturday, February 7, 2009

Swimming Update

I know I send those cryptic texts to your cell phones.

I know I "twitter" and that I haven't even explained it to you.

I know I keep bragging about Aidan's swim accomplishments, but it comes out in fits and starts and you probably don't have enough information to tie the whole picture together.

Here's where we're at.

Today was day #2 of a Very Big Swim Meet. One more day to go, but it's a "gimme."

Friday, he swam one event only - the 100 free. He has an "A" time in this event (and at this Very Big Swim Meet, you ONLY swim those events in which you have an A time, instead of the normal A-level format in which THREE A times qualify you to swim any ol' event you want to). He had an A time, but was 6 100ths from the time required to swim it in state champs. He got it. Woohoo!

Today, there were two events. 4x50 (that's 200) free relay and the 100 back. He already has the A time AND the state qualifying time in the 100 back, so no pressure there. But he doesn't have an A time in the 50 free, so the coach had him swim the first leg of this relay, as whatever individual split is attained by the first swimmer only counts for their individual records. See, since he didn't have an A time, he couldn't even swim it individually in this meet. Aidan LOVES relays, loves that everyone always swims faster as part of a relay, and today was no exception. He lopped a full second off his time (that is a LOT in just 50 yards) and achieved both the A time and the state champs time.

Tomorrow is smooth sailin'. The 50-back leg of the 200 medly relay and a 50 back individual. Already has all is qualifying times. I expect him to place well in the 50 back and since it's Sunday and there are so many kids from out of state (Utah! Nebraska! Missouri!), whatever time he swims will stand, there will be no returning for gruelling finals in the evening. He can give it 110% and not have to save anything.

There. Does that make more sense than those cryptic Twitters?

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Cathy West said...

I knew exactly what you meant, but thanks for the details. Very exciting stuff!