Friday, August 27, 2010


Tween wants to experiment with makeup, but doesn't actually want to wear any out in public.

Tween won't give up the Barbies, but asked for a more discreet storage solution.

Tween is old enough to babysit, but then begs to be taken to the toy store so she can buy a baby doll just like her favorite toddler has.

I love my tween!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

You'd think they were getting root canals the way they acted this morning when I brandished the camera.  But these milestones must be documented apparently.  We are now more than half way done with lower education.  Aidan started 8 years ago, Bridget has 7 more to go.

Bridget was just a bit nervous this morning and Aidan was all swagger and confidence.  I think back to when they each started kindergarten, and it was the opposite.  Bridget had had the run of the school for two years since I officed there, and she was all too ready.  Aidan, being first, wasn't so confident on his first day.  You can see it in his eyes.


But he survived and went on to be the "President" of the playground, apparently.  His self-appointed job was to hire and fire the kids he would play with.  He even had a training program for apprentice playmates.

Bridget has some good coping mechanisms for alleviating the stress though.  She laid out her outfit last night.  She set two alarms even though I was going to wake her up.  She packed and re-packed her backpack.  And she left me a note on the refrigerator with instructions as to exactly what was to go in her lunch.  Never forget:  with Bridget, it's all about the food.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Destin..... aaahhhhh......

Day One
Awake at 1am.  Get into the packed and waiting car and drive, drive, drive.  It's just me and the truckers.  The family are sleeping, the roads are clear.  Eventually, the gas tank and everyone's stomachs tell us it's time for breakfast somewhere in Louisiana.

Note:  on the drive?  It's ALWAYS "somewhere in Louisiana."  Crossing Louisiana takes nearly 50% of the road time.  I am so glad they have finally fixed their roads!

Time for Ray's conference call, must pull off and find a wi-fi connection.  We drop Ray at the public library in Fairhope, Alabama while the kids and I go to explore the town's surprising charms.

Miss a critical turn in Niceville, FL requiring us to drive the whole drag thru Destin instead of helicoptering in from the bridge east of the traffic.  My bad.  Ooops.

Check in to the hotel and then head to the Bayside Wharf.  This is the place where "family vacation" is not an oxymoron.  Ray and I can listen to bands that cover Eagles, Buffet, Journey and Zac Brown while the kids play in arcades, human-sized hamster balls, or ropes courses.

Perfect start to the vacation:  Eat a large bucket of crustaceans and bivalves while a band plays Zac Brown's "Toes" and drink wine.  Go sit on the patio of a martini bar and listen to a pianist and drink a little too much more wine.

Day Two
What?  You don't want a blow-by-blow of every moment of our vacation?  You don't care what we ate for breakfast?  You only want to see photos of the kids?  'Cuz it's only been photos of food for months and months and months?

Awright....  Here ya go.

Aidan driving the boat

Bridget snorkeling.  She sings through the snorkel, it's a total hoot to sit in the boat and listen to her.

Aidan fishing.  That boy simply cannot be near a body of water and not want to fish.

Not much luck with the fishing....

Bridgie learning to drive the boat

Aidan flying his stunt kite on a really windy day.

Daddy has two guns and big brother has one.  Do you think we need more?

No trip to the beach is complete without building a sand castle with Ray

No trip to the beach is complete without burying your child in the sand and then going off for cocktails.

Lots of things to amuse the kids (oh, OK, the adults too - I rode the carousel) in the evening.

There you have it!  How We Spent Our Summer Vacation minus the stories of nearly 30 hours in the car.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Beach bound!

Whoopeee!  In just a few short days, we will be heading to Destin, our new favorite vacation spot since moving to the south.

This is the beachcam on the beach where we spend all our time.  I've been checking it daily to be sure there are still plenty of people playing in the water - a sure sign that it is unaffected by the oil disaster.  If you want to check out the beachcam for yourself, click HERE.  In fact, if you text me while we are there, and you are looking at the beach cam, I will go stand where the red star is and wave to you.

A few days of packing and organizing, a grueling 14 hour drive, and then it's just me, a stack of books, lots of cold sweet tea, my 3 favorite people and my toes in the sand.  Ahhhhh......