Monday, March 16, 2009

The results are in. My kid is officially fast.

State champs is finally over. What a long couple of days. BIG thanks to Papa and Grandma for flying in from California to support Aidan. BIG thanks to Ray for chauffering them around so their "Swim Meet Experience" was pleasant.

HUGE kudos to Aidan, who swam his heart out. In EVERY event, he not only dropped time, but wound up placing higher than he was seeded. Meaning he beat kids he wasn't expected to.

He officially is in the Top 20 in Texas for 2 freestyle events (50 & 100 yard) and is officially in the TOP TEN in Texas for 2 backstroke events (50 & 100 as well).

Here is a video of him swimming in the finals for 50 back. It is a Big Deal to swim at finals and I'm glad he earned the right to do it!


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