Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Speedy Boy

State swim championships begins this week and Aidan has qualified in four events.

I am so proud of that kid. You wouldn't believe how hard he works, how many hours he trains. During summer and holiday weeks, he gets up at 5:30 or 6am to work out. He swims several thousand yards a day. Sometimes twice a day.

He's given up so much to get to where he's at. Nothing good comes without sacrifice, and I am glad he is reaping the rewards. He's proud of himself and he is so energized by swimming.

I will Twitter from the meet with updates - those updates will appear over to the right on this blog ("Brief random musings"), or you can sign up on Twitter to "follow me" and get updates sent right to your cell phone.

Here's the basic schedule.....

His first event is Friday - probably about 11am. It is the 50-back and it's his best event. It is the only event in which he MAY qualify for finals. If you finish in the top 8, you come back at night and swim in the finals and it is a Big Deal. It isn't the usual organized chaos of a meet where there is one event right after the other until it seems there have been thousands of swimmers (oh wait, there HAVE) and seems you've been there for hours (oh wait, you HAVE). This is just the best 8 kids (one heat only) in each of 32 events.

Aidan is ranked..... wait for it....... EIGHTH in the state in this event. Doh! Keep your fingers crossed for him!

After the 50-back prelims, he gets an hour or so to rest, and then he swims in the 400-free relay.

Saturday he swims four times. First thing in the AM is the 200 medley relay, he starts it off with the 50-back. Then comes the individual 100-back. He's ranked 11th in the state in this, and could possibly make top 8 to final, but it'll be a stretch. Stranger things have happened, but he was sick for 3 weeks recently, so we'll see. After that, he swims the 50 free and I expect a "middle of the pack" finish. The final event of the day is the 200 free relay. IF he finals in the 100-back, I expect the coach to put a sub in the relay as Aidan will need to come home and sleep for 2-3 hours before evening finals.

Sunday he swims the 100-free, and again, I'm expecting another middle-of-the-pack finish. He finishes the day with the 400 medley relay, again starting them off with the backstroke (100 yards). I would imagine that we'll go back for finals that night just to watch, and to hear the meet results the moment they're available. Our team has really "turned up the volume" this last year with some new coaches and new philosophies and we are expecting our best ever ranking in the state. We even expect our 11-12 girls to finish first in their age group.

This has been an amazing ride. Just to watch this pack of young swimmers train, compete against each other, encourage each other.... to see all their ups and downs with wins, illnes & injury, listen to the gaggle of them in the carpool, learn how complex training can be, etc. it's just been great.

What a sport. What a kid.


Suzanne Lewis said...

Thats amazing!!! how Old is Aidan?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how you did!
Miss Michelle