Monday, March 2, 2009

Over the hill, but doable

This past Saturday was Open That Bottle Night. Many wine collectors have a couple of bottles stashed away that are reserved for some special occasion. We forget we have it, the occasion never happened, we drank something else; but for whatever reason, there is often That Bottle languishing there, dusty and forgotten.

So, for no occasion other than just enjoying wine, you are supposed to dig out that bottle, open it, and enjoy it.

Sometime early in our history, I gave Ray That Bottle. It was so long ago that neither of us remembers the occasion. It couldn't have been TOO early, as the note I'd written would have been awfully presumptuous. It said to handle with care and to enjoy together in May of 2001, which would have been the 10th anniversary of our first date. So, it was far enough along in our relationship that I assumed we'd still be together in 10 years.

That Bottle was an '86 Stags Leap Cabernet.

Saturday night was no special occasion. I'd been up early for swimming and the Science Olympiad (Aidan tood 5th in the whole District!). Ray had helped coach baseball practice out in the cold. Bridget had a friend over and Aidan was bouncing between our house and the neighbors. It was just another night.

But, we did it. We opened That Bottle. It was 22 years old, the cork was still moist, what the heck.

It was drinkable. Very earthy (I like that!), it tasted old (as it should), but it was probably a bit past it's prime. We enjoyed it anyway.

"Over the hill, but doable," Ray said.

Just like us!

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CindyDianne said...


Stag's Leap is MY FAVORITE VINEYARD OF ALL TIME! What a treasure!