Monday, March 23, 2009

Today in the Garden (Part Deux)

I redrew my garden plan. I felt the space hogging squash would be best placed towards a corner of the planter, so that at least some of it's spreading leaves could spill over the edge and wouldn't take up the valuable real estate of my raised beds.

I'm going to try "succession planting" for some vegetables - ones that aren't continuous harvesters (like beans, tomatoes, etc.) So radishes, carrots, and things with a limited harvest window (lettuce, chard, spinach) I will plant in phases. Some of my early plantings will go where the squash leaves will eventually wind up when it reaches it's full size.

Today I filled the beds with a combination of cotton burr compost and whatever the big pile of really good composted organic matter is out on the back acre. Lots of good hard labor, I probably will be a bit sore in the morning, especially my back. But, all the "heavy lifting" is done now.

I laid out my grid (I am heavily influenced by the square foot gardening concept), and planted the few plants I was able to pick up at the nursery this morning. They were pretty picked over from the busy weekend, so I waited for them to unload their delivery. Plenty of tomatoes and peppers, but no lettuces nor other leafy greens. Maybe later this week.

So - into the ground today went: Lemon Boy tomato, Amish Paste tomato, Mr. Stripey tomato, Sugary tomato, Big Beef tomato, Roma tomato and Red Beauty pepper. I tried for a mix of tomatoes that would satisfy Ray and Bridget's love of sliced tomatoes and my desire to make flavorful sauces.

I also bought seeds. LOTS of them! They'll go in later this week.

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Michele S said...

Good move on the space sucking squash plant. I try to only buy one or two and somehow always end up with a six pack and no room!