Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Weekend.....

The much anticipated nice weather is here! What an excellent weekend.....

I did NOT get a chance to go for a walk and take photos of all the amazing flowers up and down the road. I took ONE snap while picking Bridget up from a playdate. It's a field down the road from my house. It's for sale, if anyone has 7.5 million dollars.

Friday, after Bridget's soccer practice and Aidan's baseball practice, a few families gathered at a friend's (thanks Cathie!) to plan a baby shower for the horse trainer who is expecting twins. Always fun to get together with friends and share a few bottles of wine.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. But the Soccer Gods felt the fields were still too wet so Bridget's game was cancelled. The Baseball Gods are much hardier I guess, because Aidan's game was still on. He plays mostly catcher and first base and it was a good game and a tough loss for his team, but Aidan played really well and had a couple of key plays so he can feel good about his own performance. The best was when he was trying to steal 3rd and got caught in a "pickle." I could see him drawing the 3rd baseman further and further off and gauging his speed and finally deciding he could outrun him and he did!

Another nice evening spent in the company of neighbors (thanks, Manley family!) and another bottle of our "house wine" (Axis cab) shared with friends. We're runnin' low and probably ought to stock up again.

Today was Horse Show Day.

Bridget's been working with a new pony (Tiara) and was a little nervous about using this horse in a show for the first time. If you know horses, you know they can spot a nervous little girl a mile away. Tiara had her number and it wasn't a good day for Bridget, but it was a great learning experience if nothing else. She had a little redemption in the competitions that were only on the flat (no jumps) and beat the pants off several older, more experienced riders, so we know there's hope!

The boys spent the afternoon working on clubhouse stuff and found a friendly neighborhood copperhead in the woodpile. Ray pinned it down with a piece of wood and chopped it's head off with a shovel. I won't show you the photo of THAT.

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