Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Beauty is Hard to Resist

Bridget was writing a story for school the other night. It was about (as usual) a girl and her horse. The girl was about to ride her horse into an area which wasn't allowed because "the beauty was hard to resist."

Not a bad line for a 8-yr old, I thought.

I like the idea of my little girl taking a risk to see a little extra beauty.

Springtime anywhere is such a wonderous, beautiful time. Right here in my own back yard, it is stunning. If I can find the time this weekend (doubtful, but hope springs eternal - especially this time of year), I will walk around my neighborhood and take some photos to post here.

People don't think "beauty" when they think of Texas, and I didn't either. But we got lucky in our neighborhood. Geologically, it is an anomoly, so there is interesting terrain and lots of trees. Geographically, it is considered a rural area and there are no sidewalks, plenty of livestock, and surprising places everywhere for wildflowers to spring up unbidden.

Last year at this time we had 4 baby horses up and down the road. None yet, but I know of one pregnant mare so far, and two sheep that had a "rental ram" named Moxie shacking up with them - can't wait to see if he left his mark!

A picture is worth a thousand words.... I hope to get some this weekend.

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psbelz said...

Angle of Repose includes much more than dirt and pebbles. Potatoes>barley>wheat>flax>fallen horsewoman lying in ditch>water. I thought I was visiting ANGEL of REPOSE, something Pieta-like by Michelangelo. Thanks! Paul