Friday, April 11, 2008

crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life

I guess my days (or weeks!) and the items that stick in my mind fall into one of two categories:

Angle of Repose


I love this crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life

If this makes no sense to you, scroll down and read my first blog post.

This week was definitely in the "crazy/tragic" category.

I've recently started working again and had to spend most of this week in New York. Between my trip, and Ray's adventures back home with the kids, there was a lot of crazy/tragic.

Ray's adventures included the repeated escape antics of Scamp. He has a girlfriend down at the neighbor's (Scamp, not Ray) and sometimes just decides she's worth it to endure the jolt of his shock collar as he leaves our property. We've noticed he does this a LOT more often when I am away. Hmmm.... does that mean that I am his mate and Sadie (neighbor dog) is his mistress? Who knows. Anyway, as Ray was chasing Scamp down High Road, he managed (long story) to break our neighbor's lock on their pasture gate (with the car - told you, long story). So, a trip to the store is in order to replace her pasture lock. He also had another neighbor send up an SOS for Kids Needing Ride To School. Another neighbor SOS for Car Won't Start, and another neighbor SOS for Stuck at Work, Can You Watch My Kids? Add in two nights of (more) Severe Weather with kids cowering in his bed (equals Lack of Sleep), the usual sports practices, Bridget having a Project due at school, Aidan's baseball game (our turn to bring snack - Red Bull, anyone?), and Ray's week to drive the Boy Scout Carpool. And he still managed to have the house clean and a nice dinner waiting for me when I got home last night. Love that man!

My week was far less crazy (maybe there is something to this Working thing after all?). It was a Damage Control trip as far as work was concerned, so while stressful, I love a good scary project. The bonus was I got to spend 2 great evenings at the (lovely) home of Ray's sister, Regina and her husband Rob. FINALLY got to meet my two little nieces there, Kailey and Lindsey. What fun!

Got stuck in the Great American Airlines MD80 Snafu on the way home but Continental stepped up to the challenge admirably and it was all accomplished with only about 7 phone calls and visits to 3 different airline counters at the airport, so I consider myself luckier than most. SOMEhow in that process (multiple flight changes, maybe?) I became a "security risk" and got the dreaded SSSS on my ticket. My favorite part of THAT whole process of the Confirming Of The Underwire Bra.

Note to self... no more underwire bras while flying.

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