Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bridget's Big Date

Well, it's not ALL about Bridget.... first of all, I must lead off by saying "Nice home run, Aidan!" He ripped it to the big hole in left field and if he wasn't such a speedy guy, probably wouldn't have made it all the way home. It was great to see!

On to The Event of the Weekend..... The Father-Daughter Prom.

Oh my goodness.... they are just so cute and sweet at this age and I know it will all change someday (not too soon, please!). How much longer will she get so excited about a date with Dad?

We started the evening with a "Pre-Prom Cocktail Party" with several friends.

Once everyone arrived, Aidan got a very distressed look on his face and headed off to the woods just to get away from the giggles and frills. After cocktails and photo ops, the men and girls headed off to the Hilton, and the Mommy Brigade settled in with soup, salad, wine and a LOT of good conversation. Thanks, ladies!

After a fun-filled evening of conga lines, the chicken dance, macarena, hula-hoop contests (Bridget won!), this is what came home.

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