Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Angle of Repose

Angle of Repose. Definition: an engineering term meaning the angle at which dirt and pebbles stop rolling and come to rest.

The other title I'd considered for my blog was a long title of a country song: I love this crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life.

Contrary ideas, those.

No matter. Life is full of contradictions, juxtapositions, conflicts and compromises. Meeting these gracefully, to find one's own angle of repose is a way of acheiving balance, sanity, gratification.

Angle of Repose is also the title of a Pulitzer Prize winning book by one of my favorite authors, Wallace Stegner. There will be a lot about books in this blog. Books are where I find my own angle of repose and escape for a few minutes from the crazy/tragic.

So. There it is. My first blog posting. One of these days, I'll start putting up things that I hope will interest my friends. Stories, photos, memories. Watch this space.


Cathy West said...

yippee! I am excited to read your blog and goings on all-Glynn!

Cynthia Boe said...

I am new to blogging so I look forward to the experience. Thanks Pam

sarabooswim said...

Great reading you poet, you! If that is a picture of your back yard, I'm moving to Texas! You can have my Orchids and Hydrangeas!


Sara Nebeling