Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

Global warming my ass foot!  This snow stuff is gettin' to be a regular thing around here!

I just heard a big "thump" from out back.  It was our awning (which was on it's last legs) collapsing into a big mangled heap.  Well, at least I know that the corner pieces make excellent trelleses for the beans and tomatoes in the garden.  Maybe I'll have to build a few more beds.

Aidan left for a nearby friend's house and Missy B was feeling lonesome, so she and I walked the mile down to her friend's house and I pawned her off on them for the day.  Thanks Paula!  'Cept I'm going to have to walk that mile again (and it's uphill, both ways) to get her back.

We saw these horses on the way.  Don't they look cosy?

Scamp really enjoys the snow.

Aidan and friends are building an igloo.  Pretty creative, eh?

Fortunately, Ray's flight home wasn't cancelled and he made it from the airport to home without incident.  It will probably freeze solid later tonite, so the streets around here will be like ice-skating rinks.  Luckily, we've got plenty of liquor food and don't need to venture out.

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Granny Sue said...

Sounds like here, except the snow is melting today. Maybe yours will be gone soon too. We can hope!