Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yeah, the picture is surprisingly similar to this one that I posted in October.  Same arm, different bone.

Dang, dang, dang.

He did it the night before regional swim champs.  Where he had the opportunity to make qualifying times in as many as four more events for state champs.

Which starts 3/11.  A mere 21 days after he broke it.  Doc says that's not enough time to heal.  We're still in denial.  Aidan says he's swimming cast or no cast, and I'm fine with that but I'm reasonably certain he'll lose his spot on all four relays.  And sadly, the relays will likely lose any chance of finishing in the top 8.

However.  The doctor "gets it" and is going to regularly x-ray to monitor the healing and see if the cast can come off a bit early.  And the cast isn't much of a cast - built thin and light, hopefully to minimize how much it screws up his training like the last cast.

Like the last cast.  We're "regulars" now at the orthopedic office.



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Papa said...

LIFE AIN'T FAIR! At least he has the next age group to look forward to. How is the arm coming along? With that kid's determination he just might still swim in TAGS.

Still working on plans for April. All dates are still firm.