Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Bridie Light!

We celebrated Bridget's eleventh birthday last night.

Our birthday traditions have basically evolved into each kid getting two parties.  One for family, and one for friends.  Bridget and I are still in negotiations over what her "friend" party will be.  Last year, it took us until April to arrive at a solution that was acceptable to everyone.

For the "family" party, we usually go out, with the restaurant selection being up to the honoree.  One of her criteria in restaurant selection is that it must have white table cloths.  Two years running now, Bridget has opted for Brazilian barbecue.  A veritable smorgasbord for a little foodie like Missy B.

After dinner, we return home for cake and presents.  Cake can be store-bought (depending on Mommy's schedule) or homemade.  This year, Bridget wanted cupcakes.  Being the slave-driver that I am, she had to make her own cupcakes.  She thinks this is a privlege and a treat so we're all happy.

Her special request was that she wanted "rubber duckies" on her cupcake,
so I decorated that one for her.

She's taking a cake decorating class with her Girl Scout troop in a few weeks.
 I hope she learns a trick or two.

She really really really wanted a set of "Bitty Twins" from American Girl.
That giant sucking sound you hear is all our cash leaving our wallet and going to the American Girl store.  But look at that smile.....  priceless!

And here she is, modeling her new pajamas with her brother.  Sweet kids.

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Bridie who?
Bridie Light.... of the silvery mooo - o - ooon!

Happy birthday, my Bridie Light!

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