Friday, January 29, 2010


There's still a lot to do.  Build a desk, hang a mural, find or create some artwork for the walls.  Find a comfy chair.

But it's getting there!  Finished the window treatments today.  Here are a few photos for the curious.

Yes, those are actual deer hides on the windows.  It was Ray's touch to have their little white tails flicked up like they are fleeing from danger.  The antlers on the ledge are all real and courtesy of a departed relative.

It's turning into a genuine little Man Cave and Aidan is so happy with it so far.  And I must say, spending the day making and installing window treatments is way more gratifying than the two weeks spent painting.

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Papa said...

The room is looking fantastic! Jan says that Dave would be very happy with where his antlers ended up. Is that big one between the two windows from Daves collection? Check out the pic I just sent by email. You might find a home for that to.