Monday, January 4, 2010

First Project of the New Year....

..... Aidan's room!

He's DONE with the fish theme.  It was here when we bought the house, and I'm glad he liked it.

So....  first on the agenda is PAINT.  It's gonna be a project.  The doors and trim are pretty banged up and full of stickers, etc.  You know I'll never be able to match the trim paint exactly, so I can't just spot paint, sigh....  The prior inhabitant of the room put a LOT of screw and nail holes into the walls, and of course the whole thing will have to be primed before I can put the new color (boring beige) on the wall.

Why, oh why, oh why does the prep work take DAYS and the actual painting only take a few hours?

Prepping a room for paint is always a humbling experience and an unpleasant reminder of my less-than-adequate housekeeping skills....

His new room will be a "rustic" theme....  think distressed leather, deer antlers, animal skins and lots of wood.  Ray is building him a new desk and I'm still noodling ideas for window treatments, shelves, etc.

Stay tuned!

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