Sunday, April 3, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast!

I took these shots when the chickens were one week old.  That was just a few days ago, and already they look different again!

Some of their personalities are starting to emerge, and a few have names.  They graduated to a bigger box, and today I will work on yet another bigger box for them until they are ready to live outside.

Ray has started designing their home which is basically a coop within an aviary that will be constructed underneath the clubhouse.  Can't wait!

The biggest change, other than size, is that they are growing their mature wing feathers.  Check them out!

This is the pair of Ameraucaunas.  The one on the right is HUGE!  I call her Bossy, because she IS!

These are the Cuckoo Marans. 

This is the bantam frizzle.  For a variety of reasons to convoluted to go into, we have started calling it Baby Ducky.  It's pretty feisty, but likes to hide under the larger chicks when it is scared.

This one is "Aidan's chicken" but still yet unnamed.  It is the "Polish" style and will have a large crest of feathers on it's head.  It already has some rougher feathers up there.  This is the calmest and sweetest of the chickens so far.  I hope that means it's a girl - I would hate for Aidan to have to kill his own chicken.

This is the Silver Krainkoppe.  One of the least remarkable chicks, but she will probably grow up into the prettiest.  I've taken to calling her Queenie.

This one is "Bridget's Chicken" and she has named her Lacy, in honor of her breed, the Silver Laced Wyandotte.

And finally, Flat Stanley is visiting us this week from Long Island, and we are supposed to show him the sights of our neighborhood, then send him back home.  I thought a photo with the chickens would be good, but, it turns out, chickens are terrified of Flat Stanley.  You learn something new every day.

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