Monday, April 11, 2011

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We hope you stick with us on this short break from the All Chicken All The Time Blog.

Yesterday was the Caveman Triathlon, and Boy Wonder did it again!  As with his previous two triathlons, this was a "sprint distance" race - 275 yard swim, 13 mile bike, 5k run.

Up at o'dark thirty to get to the race site.  Then it's time to line up for the swim.  Faster swimmers get to go first.  That would be Aidan, there near the front of the line in the black Speedo.

He had a great swim, and I'm pretty sure he took first in the swim, even beating a couple of high school swimmers that had also entered the event.

Next up is the bike.  We learned our lesson after the first triathlon and now we rent him a nice bike for these races.  Doing it on a mountain bike on a windy day is just sheer torture.

He did much better on the bike than in his previous two triathlons, I think.  See - being a swimmer, he gets done with the first leg first, and then gets out on the bike course and all the more experienced triathletes are behind him and start whizzing by him pretty quickly.  So, my measurement for this leg of the race is how many fewer people passed him.  He seemed to hold his own pretty well for a scrawny kid in a race of 600+ adults.

Next up is the bike-to-run transition.  Most triathletes say this is a real killer, as your legs don't want to work after biking for so long.  I believe it from the awkward way people are running as the exit the transition area.

Ray hollered to Aidan, "You OK?  Anything hurt?"  Aidan's answer was, "Everything hurts!" as he gamely strode out to the 5k run.

The run looks like sheer torture.  At this point, most of the athletes have been going hard for about an hour and some of them are running out of gas.  Aidan looked pretty strong, but said he DID take a short break to do a little stretching during the run.

And finally, the "big finish" through the archway where a volunteer places a medal around  your neck.  Aidan's time was about 1:27 which is about a few minutes faster than the last one - always improving!

Stay tuned for a special upcoming report from the All Chicken All The Time Blog about Chicken Sunbathing!

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Such an impressive feat! I'm tired just from watchin'.