Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet My Chickens!

First of all, I apologize for the photos.  Photography is not my strong point, and subjects that won't pose or stay still make it even harder!  These photos were taken when my babies were two days old.

First up, we have a pair of Ameraucanas.  These are the breed that lay blue eggs.  I've always known that when I got my own flock, I would have this breed.  These two are the biggest (and bossiest) of the bunch so far.

They won't retain those beautiful markings into adulthood.  The photo below is a mature Ameraucana pullet (girl chicken).  Her legs are blue!

Next up, we have a pair of Cuckoo Marans.  The one on the left is a "feather-legged" variety and you can see she is already starting to grow feathers down towards her feet. 

This is a mature Cuckoo Maran pullet.  While not very remarkable in appearance, they lay the darkest brown eggs.  Can't wait to see them!

This little guy is the runt, and we have taken to calling it "the baby."  It is a bantam, which means small.  The particular breed is a "frizzle" which means it's feathers won't lay down.  This chicken is "un-sexed" which means there is no way to figure out whether or not it's a boy or a girl until it grows up.  If it is a boy, unless he is really really quiet, and really, really nice, we are eating him.  Circle of life, people.  Deal with it.
 Here is a picture of a grown up frizzle pullet.  If it were a rooster, it would have a larger comb on its head.

 This chicken is "Aidan's chicken."  It is a "Polish" chicken, sometimes also called a "top hat" because it grows a big crest of feathers on it's head.  Aidan was attacked by a rooster when he was small, and developed an irrational fear of chickens.  As he got older, that fear morphed more into loathing, and he always said if I got chickens he would have NOTHING to do with them.  So, being crafty, I let him pick out "his very own" chicken.  Old age and treachery trumps youth and beauty every time.

However.  This chicken is also "unsexed" and I don't want to think about it's future if it winds up being a rooster.  Aidan is already talking about moving "his chicken" into his room.

I really do hope that if it is a rooster, he is very quiet, and very nice.  They definitely grow up to be one interesting-looking chicken!

This cute little one is a Silver Kraienkoppe.  Like the Ameraucanas, she won't retain her beautiful markings but does grow up to be quite a regal-looking chicken.

And finally, this one is "Bridget's chicken."  She picked a Silver Laced Wyandotte and she will grow up to be one beautiful bird!

None of our flock have names yet, we are waiting to see their personalities emerge.  They are 3 days old now and already starting to grow mature feathers, so soon they will be in that awkward teenage phase where we wish they were still cute and small.

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James, Frances said...

What kind is your first hen?? I have a chick that matches the same color and I would love to know what it's called.