Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Chicken Chronicles

So, two days ago, I got the much-anticipated call from the post office.  "Ma'am, we have a box of live poultry here for you."  Woot woot!  My chickens have arrived!

I have wanted chickens for a long time.  Several of my neighbors have them and while the eggs are delicious, it is also the personalities of the birds that I enjoy.  Each one is unique and they definitely have a social structure and I think it will be a lot of fun to have our own small flock.

So, like usual, I started my research.  Talked to all the chicken owners, read things on the internet from online poultry dealers to chicken bloggers.

We eat about a dozen eggs a week in my house.  So, theoretically, we only need a few birds.  I ordered eight.  Yes, that is way too many but I doubt they will all make it to laying age (4-5 months).  Due to my inexperience, disease, or varmints, I may lost up to half.  I've had them 3 days now and I can't bear to think of losing ANY of them!

The birds in the lower right are mine.  The rest are Black Indian Runner ducks that "my farmer" ordered to help me fill up the box.  They stand a better chance of arriving alive if there are more in the box.

So, I got them home and put them one by one into the cardboard box that will be their home for a few weeks.  I had to dip each of their beaks in water to "teach" them how to drink.  Each and every one of then figured it out and then headed straight for the food.

I definitely learned that I needed a bigger feed dish!

They are just the cutest little balls of fluff.  But only for a few more days.  Then they will go through that awkward teenage phase where we all try to remember how cute they used to be.

Check back soon!  In a few days, I will intruduce you to each and every one of them!

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