Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Dog

Anybody want a dog? She's FREE!

She's sweet and loyal. And nice looking.

Please. Take her.

She just has this one little quirk. Thunderstorms and gunfire scare her. She completely freaks out.

Freaks out? Yes, like tries to claw her way into the house. Persistently. Non-stop. Doggedly, even.

Oh, sure you say. Just crate her when the storms hit or when the duck hunters are down by the lake.

Given that we live on the prairie and storms come out of nowhere with little to no warning, that is a hit or miss proposition.

Once, she ate her way through the sheetrock of the garage, trying to get into the house. Ray covered that up with a metal plate which she has also ripped to shreds. Sheetrock, sheetmetal - what's the difference?

She's also completely destroyed our beautiful solid mahogany front door. Ripped the moldings to shreds, gouged all the smooth surfaces.

We simply can't go on living with such a ghetto front door, but how to stop the dog?

Simple. A lovely, custom iron gate. It's beautiful. It's installed, paid for, and lovely.

All I can say is THANK GAWD we hadn't installed another new solid mahogany door yet.

The duck hunters were doing their thing yesterday morning and Reba just had to get in.

See - she's smart, resourceful, and creative! Won't you take her?

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Cathy West said...

Did you see Marley and Me yet?