Sunday, January 25, 2009


My awesome friend Lori gave me a yogurt making machine. She knows I like "less messed with foods" whenever I can eat them. Yes, processed foods get plenty of use in my house, but I am trying to simplify and cook more REAL food for my family.

I finally made a batch.

OK - I confess..... I experimented RIGHT AWAY instead of actually following the directions. I just love goat cheese, so thought I'd try making it 25% goat milk (canned - I still can't find it fresh, despite the high population of goats around here). I tossed in some vanilla and the base was the World's Cheapest Stuff: powdered milk (non-fat).




The first bite was a little disconcerting, what with the tangy goatiness of it and all. But enough to encourage a second bite. After that, I was gobbling it out of the jars like I hadn't eaten in weeks. It has the most velvty, creamy texture and is even slightly reminiscent of creme brulee.

The hardest part now will be reserving that last 6 ounces out of each batch to "start" the active culture in the next batch.


Thanks, Lori!


Papa said...

With a commercial like that you might even get me to eat yogurt!


texasholly said... need to go to Latte Da goat farm locally here in Flower Mound. They are the ones that supply the local Central Markets with their goat cheese. I know they have several "market days" where you can purchase directly.

Shonda Little said...

I didn't even know there was such a thing as a yogurt maker, so now I am going to have to get one. My boys love that stuff.