Friday, May 2, 2008


My Aidan, my little baby boy, is growing up.

It's been a big couple of months for him in terms of independence and he has really stepped up to the challenge.

Over spring break, he accompanied Lynn & Steve to Washington DC for 6 days. Longest time ever that he's been away from his ol' mom and dad. He didn't seem to miss us a bit!

Last weekend, he went camping with his boy scout troop all on his own. Neither Ray nor Aidan's buddy's dad went along. Plus, the scoutmaster is pretty fanatical about keeping the boys separated from any pesky parents who DO accompany them. They had to pitch their own tent, cook their own food, and even prepare for a severe weather alert that hit them Saturday night. I was home watching the radar, wishing he had a cell phone just so I could call him. Silly mommy.

Next month, he will travel with his swim team to compete in a meet in Corpus Christi. I've elected to let him do this solo. He'll stay in a hotel without me, make all his food choices with no Pesky Mom reminding him he has a meet and needs to eat well. He'll also have to get himself to bed on time, and up early for the meet. I am completely sure he can handle all this.

Also, in June, he'll go to Boy Scout Camp for a week. Longest time away from us, ever. Cooking for himself, keeping his gear organized (THAT worries me), and remembering to change his underwear and brush his teeth. Ha! I'll probably have to hose him off when he returns.

Lately, the kids come home to an empty house after school now and then when Ray isn't working from home. I always call them when I know they're off the bus to check in. I get the feeling I'm annoying them. One day, the phone system was out. I called my neighbor on her cell phone and asked her if she'd pop over there to check on them and offer them the use of her cell phone to call me. She called me back saying, "They're fine, they didn't want to call you!" Sniff, sniff...
He will graduate from elementary school in a few short weeks and be off to Big Bad Middle School. Well, it isn't so bad these days... every kid I "interview" about middle school seems to like it, so I don't think there are any of the horrors that existed during my tenure at Centerville Junior High.
He's more than half way done with being a kid. I really only get him for another 7 years! While that thought makes me sad, I am proud that he is on his way.
Now, if I can just get him to pick up after himself!

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