Saturday, May 3, 2008

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Raising Big Brother

Big Brother as in 1984 George Orwell.

Now, you KNOW I am not all about The Rules. I'm the first one to go through a "Do Not Enter" sign, just because nobody is ever really there to keep you out. I often believe in asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

What happened to my kids?????

Both of these conversations happened in the same day:

Aidan: (After seeing a "Weight Limit" sign on a narrow country road) "There ought to be LAWS against being fat!" I tell him that some people can't help it, and he says "Well, then register them or something!" I ask what about me, as I am (ahem) pleasingly plump as my husband says. He's taken aback. "Um. You're not THAT fat."

Gee. Glad to know I won't be affected by THAT law.

Bridget: "When you buy a product, they should put a label on it with your name, address and phone number. THAT way, if you put it in the garbage (instead of the recycling), they can trace it back to you and you would get in trouble."

What household did THESE kids grow up in?

Scary. Pat Belzer Pearson could have taught them a thing or two....

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