Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm gettin' too old for this. Well, no, that is a lie. The truth is, I'm too out of shape for this!

THIS? What is "this" you ask?

THIS, is Ray and I building a "treehouse" that is actually something that needs its own address, as our friend Tom said.

Neither of us knows a thing about construction, though Ray IS an engineer. I'm weak and wimpy and can barely lift the damn framing nailer with one hand. Much less repeatedly. Over my head. While dangling from a ladder. Did I mention I'm afraid of heights? Did I mention that said "treehouse" is 12 feet off the ground AND 12 feet tall?

Have you ever seen how long it takes to peel dried construction adheisive off your body? At least a week. Gross.

Have you ever tried to carry an 8 x 8 roofing panel that is made from TIRES up a ladder? And I got the easy jobs. Poor Ray was on top of the roof, dangling from a collapsable ladder that was jack-knifed over the peak, strapped on to the eave (with me hanging from it for extra counter balance).

We're not calling this multi-act show the Glynn Circus for nothing!

I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end. We'll be able to host a small yoga class on the deck (Kelli - want the job?), a poker party in the main house, and the proposed zip line will bring hours of fun and enjoyment.

I sure hope the kids appreciate all these bruises, cuts, sore muscles and smears of baby poop colored construction adhesive stuck to my arms!

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