Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It almost always starts like this.  Even before my plan is fully formed, the onion gets chopped.  Still thinking, "OK, I've got chicken.... some veggies in the fridge.... what else have I got, and who am I feeding tonight?"

Picky kids, best to concoct a sauce with a few hidden things like grated carrots and finely chopped squash.

How to prep the chicken?  Grill, sautee?  Cut or whole?

What do I have for a side?  Bread?  Salad?  Pasta?

But while I am chopping the onions, the possibilities are only limited by my pantry and my imagination.

What are YOU having for dinner?

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Cathy West said...

Have you ever read the book Like Water for Chocolate? The onion chopping reminded me of it.