Thursday, June 10, 2010

Admonishing the Tooth Fairy

Bridget lost two teeth yesterday.  And one a few days before that.  And another a couple of weeks ago.

Besides our Tooth Fairy's gender confusion issues, we also have a certain amount of laziness forgetfulness on the part of the Tooth Fairy.  The Fairy still hadn't made it to our house for the tooth lost way back in May sometime.

Three teeth lost in 4 days could not be ignored.  This note was left with Bridget's teeth:

The Tooth Fairy is sufficently guilty for its lack of attention to Bridget.


Anonymous said...

That is precious and priceless. I just love you guys!

Anonymous said...

whoops! The precious/priceless comment is from me!
Michelle Dibb

Anonymous said...

Thats our Bridie girl can not fool her or skip her way to priceless keep this forever.


Papa said...

When the adults don't take action the kids can do a remarkable job of taking control, especially missy B.

I like the very business like "Sincerely"!!