Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not in MY town!

The other day, we were having lunch at the local Subway. Three teenage boys came in, and while I didn't really pay attention to them, I noticed they didn't order anything - just sat there discussing and making phone calls. Ray, however, DID happen to overhear portions of their calls and became suspicious.

As we were walking out of the shop, a truck pulled up and the three boys came out and conversed with the passenger of the truck through the window. They started handing things back and forth, then the three boys walked away and the truck pulled out. Ray said "Get in the car and call the police!"

We commenced following the truck as it wound it's way through the parking lots of the gym, the grocery store, and the strip mall in between, trying to lose us. They obviously knew we guessed at what they were up to and were trying to lose us. They eventually tired of that game and took it out to the city streets where they went up and down the two main drags and in and out of the adjacent housing developments. All the while with us following them and telling the police their location.

There is no exciting ending to this story. They lost us, and they lost the cops. But we did get their plate number and hope that we put a bit of a scare into them and hurt their business.

These three boys in Subway, buying the drugs, were clean-cut kids. They could be my kids. They could be your kids.

As a neighborhood teenager advised Aidan recently: "Drugs will mess up your life no matter what. Even if you just try them one time."

I don't want drugs in my town. Or my country. I don't want drug dealers in my town or country. They mess up lives. They thrive on getting kids addicted, moving them up from the cheap "starter" drugs to the expensive and more addictive narcotics.

If you ever have any suspicions about drug activity, I hope you will consider it your business and alert the authorities. They may not make the bust that one particular time, but the more information they have, the more successful they will be.

As Ray said, "Not in my town!"

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