Monday, August 24, 2009

Under Duress

Sheesh.... You'd think I was suggesting they line up for a firing squad, the way they behaved when I broke out the camera for the obligatory annual first-day-of-school photo.

You should have seen Aidan's head begin to spin around when I said I also wanted to photograph them in front of the schools. Kidding. For some sick and twisted reason, I just love messing with his middle-school-angst-ridden psyche. Must be a bit of my mother in me. Hi, Pat!

Bridget didn't even want me to walk her all the way to the front door! And this is the ONE day when the security doors are open and I am allowed to walk her all the way to class! But no. About 25 yards before we got to the building, she turned to me and said, "This is far enough, mom!"

I'm glad I savored all those times where I DID go to the trouble to park the car and walk her to the building and get that last hug of the morning.

They are like Oscar and Felix when it comes to their lunches. Aidan will only eat peanut butter and jelly. He gets two. Bananas are the only fruit he eats. And just for an added caloric boost, he gets 20g of protein in a bar. His lunch looks the same. Every single day. Bridget, the foodie, enjoys variety, and has slightly more sophisticated tastes. Guess whose lunch is whose?

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Papa said...

Re: first day:
A week ago I noticed more boys than usual next door at Amy & Marks. That usually means a birthday party sleep over. Not so. I found out the next morning when I saw Cole and four of his buddys heading east on Norris. Amy informed me that the five of them were doing a practice walk to Centervill Jr. High so that they would the way when school opened. Amy and Connor (youngest)were going to follow them in the van. Connor had his binoculars ready!