Thursday, July 23, 2009

Team Glynn

We are a well-oiled machine. The only way you can haul as much equipment to and from the beach as we do is to be organized and have everyone understand the process and their role in it.

We pull up to the loading zone, jump out of the car, and proceed to pull the following out of the back:

  • 1 10x10 canopy
  • 3 folding chairs
  • 1 skim board
  • 2 boogie boards
  • 2 inner tubes
  • 1 cooler
  • 2 baskets containing books, camera, hats, sunscreen, snacks, blanket, 4 towels, sand toys, masks, fins, snorkels

Ray goes to park the car and the kids and I make like pack mules and haul it to the beach. Ray quickly catches up and the canopy goes up in mere seconds. People around us comment at how quickly we do this. Bridget arranges all the “furniture” to her satisfaction.

I could get used to this schedule. Aidan and I are up early so he can train w/ a local team. A big shout out to the Bluewater Bay Barracudas who have been so accommodating and friendly. The pool we have been going to is outdoors, apparently like most Florida swimming facilities. For some strange and wonderful reason, it is set in the middle of a woodsy swamp. This is how you get to it.

After swim practice we hit the hotel buffet – Ray and Bridget meet us there and in true Team Glynn fashion, they work as the “advance team” and scope out a table, get my tea brewing and Aidan’s waffle going.

After we’ve had a hearty breakfast we head back to our hotel room and relax for a few hours. OK – Aidan and I nap, I’ll admit it. Ray catches up w/ the news, a bit of work, and Bridget plows through the Harry Potter series.

After sufficient rest, we head to the beach and stay there until 6 or so when we finally have to drag Aidan out of the water. Last night he was trying to catch fish with his bare hands. A few days ago the kids caught a bucket full of jellyfish that have sparkly lights running up and down their bodies.

Yesterday, Ray rented a catamaran and spent a couple of hours sailing us up and down the shoreline. Aidan sailed too, as he learned how to wind surf at Boy Scout camp a few weeks ago. It was so beautiful out on the water, I loved it and loved seeing the big grin on Ray’s face as he was sailing.

It’s been quite crowded at the beach, but there is plenty of room for everyone. We wait until people start clearing out before Ray and the kids start construction on the sand castle du jour. Yesterday’s was Hogwart’s Castle complete with Hagrid’s Hut, a quidditch stadium and the Forbidden Forest.

A nice lady nearby offered to take a family photo of us, even though we weren’t wearing the requisite khaki and white.

The kids are definitely loving the beach, they play and play and play. Ray and I read and read and read. Like I said, I could get used to this!


Papa said...

Is that a great looking family or what?

Am I prejudiced? Not a chance!


Granny Sue said...

The color of the water is incredible. And the kids--beautiful. It looks like everyone had a very good time.