Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello from the beach!

Photo of the day: Teaching your kid sister to ride the waves

We survived the car ride. Barely. A twelve hour trip becomes 14+ with a breakfast stop, traffic in Mobile, AL, and traffic on the one-lane bridge leading in to Destin.

We checked in to our room and headed to "The Wharf" for dinner and a whole lot of people watching. Must be wedding season because we saw at least three bachelorette parties cruising the bars, always with the bride-to-be wearing a veil. Two plate loads of raw oysters and a few cocktails later, we began to feel like we were on vacation and not on the verge of killing our goofy offspring who had gotten decidedly giddy in the last hour of being locked in the car.

Hit the beach yesterday and got my toes in the sand. Paradise. Destin is so pretty. White sand, blue, blue, blue water. Our needs are simple and it was a great day, with more to come. We finally had to pull Aidan out of the water near sunset, he'd play and swim until he dropped otherwise.

As we were packing up to leave, I saw a photographer shooting a family at water's edge. They were in white shirts and khaki pants, it was a lovely shot. Next time I glanced that way, she was shooting a couple dancing in the waves. In white shirts and khaki shorts. Coming down the stairs was a family of 3 generations, heading to the photographer. In white shirts and khaki shorts. After she shot them, she met another family on the little dunes. In white shirts and khaki shorts. Awaiting on the boardwalk were her next clients - in white shirts and khaki shorts. I guess she's got the formula down and just keeps crankin' 'em out as long as the light holds!

Today started early for Aidan and I, as we've arranged for him to train with a local swim team while we're here. It was an outdoor pool in a lovely area, nearly completely surrounded by a beautiful swamp, or bayou, or whatever it's called down here. Large trees, standing water with flowering lilly pads. The coaches were very accomodating and the kids were all so nice - it was fun to work out with a different team!

Time to hit the beach!

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