Thursday, August 14, 2008

Road Trip!

Destination Destin!

Got a flyer in the mail from Disney the sparked a chain of events that is resulting in a Team Glynn Road Trip.

Disney sent us an invitation (at least Bridget saw it as such). She excitedly took it to Daddy, begging to be allowed to go. We haven't had a vacation in a while and I haven't been out of Flower Mound in over a year, so I was curious to see how this would play out.

Alas, the black out dates all coincided with school vacations. Dratted Disney.

But Bridget wouldn't give up. She wanted to go somewhere. Anywhwere.

Ray continued to indulge her. Let's look up things using the Marriott points and the American miles. Getting a Grand Alignment of the Planets in terms of free plane tickets and free hotel is difficult. Let's consider something right here in Texas. All these ideas pointed us towards Seaworld in San Antonio.

Sea World! Bridget wants to swim with dolphins!

She is now excitedly bouncing around while Ray and I are surfing the internet checking out the Marriott properties in San Antonio and information on Sea World.

No dolphins.

You can swim with a beluga whale or sea lions.

But no dolphins.

Bridget is crestfallen. No dolphins!

We head back to the Marriott website and noodle beach properties within "driving distance."

Since coming to Texas, I occasionally hear folks talk about their vacation in Destin, FL. We look it up on the internet. Hmmmm... looks nice! Pretty beaches! Lots of Marriott properties! Hey - they even have a Gulfarium where you can....

.... swim with a dolphin!

Book it, Dano!

Um.... it's TWELVE HOURS by car from here.

Hey - New Orleans is ON THE WAY! I've never been before, that sounds like FUN!

So. It's all set. We leave in the middle of the night Friday and head for THIS lovely hotel right near the French Quarter.

After 2 days and a night in Nawlins, we head to Destin for the rest of the week. Our plans include sitting on the beach, swimming with the dolphin, sitting on the beach and sitting on the beach.

Thank you, Bridget, for your persistence!

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