Monday, August 4, 2008

It's All About Aidan

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As promised, I have an update for you on Aidan's swim meet last week.

My Boy did GREAT!!!!

As I've said before, this season is a "build" season for him and I didn't think he'd even qualify for Champs, much less PLACE in anything, being one of the youngest kids in the pool.

Well, I'm here to tell ya....

My boy, in the 200 back, only his 2nd time ever competing that event, placed FOURTH overall. It was awesome. He took an astonishing 7 seconds off his time.

He placed 8th in the 100 back, taking amost 3 seconds off his time.

Here is a video - it's 3 minutes long and probably a bit boring for non-swimmers, as it's just 3 minutes of backstroke. BUT - see how he BUILDS in speed and turnover. He did a GREAT job!

All in all, he competed in 6 events, and took time off in all but one of them. All those early mornings when he wanted to sleep, but forced himself out of bed to train, they were worth it.

Here are his meet results:

50 Free Best time: 34.18 - Meet time: 34.06

100 Free Best time: 1:15.31 - Meet time: 1:4.38

200 Free Best time: 2:57.22 - Meet time: 2:45.34!!

50 Back Best time: 41.23 - Meet time: 41.49

100 Back Best time: 1:29.94 - Meet time: 1:27.18

200 Back Best time: 3:10.08 - Meet time: 3:03.72

I'm so proud of My Boy.

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Kimberly Powers said...


Wow that was amazing I don't know how you can possible do the backstroke across that giant pool four times.

I could not do that. I am so proud of you. You are growing so big and strong(gone is the little chumba wumba). I wish I could have been there cheering for you as loud as your mom and dad did.

Have a great rest of your summer.

Love Kim