Thursday, July 31, 2014


I'm obsessed.

20+ years ago I read a GREAT novel.  It had everything I love....  deep character development, interesting and accurate historical details, and a complex plot that left me wanting more.  I got "more" over the last 20 years - this incredible, genre-bending author has written 8 huge tomes in the increasingly multi-faceted series, plus several smaller spin-off novellas that deal with some favorite secondary characters.

Every time a favorite book gets made into a movie, I prepare myself by expecting to be disappointed.  This is probably the first time I'm excited about an on-screen adaptation.  "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon has been turned into a 16-episode series that will soon air on Starz.  The first season will focus on the first book, and if it's as good as I think it will be, I have many seasons to look forward to.

Why am I excited and not expecting to be disappointed?  Obviously the fact that it is 16 episodes and not a 2-hour movie will enable the writers to deliver many of the important details and plot points of the book.  And the second reason is the production crew.  Over the last year, I've become a Groupie.  I've been following the writers, drivers, actors, costume designers and producers on Twitter.  I read every article that gets written, watch every interview.

This thing is gonna be epic.  They used archaic dyes of the time (18th century) when making the fabric for the costumes.  They hired all kinds of artisans (armorers, knitters, weavers, etc) to create all the props.  They filmed it mostly outdoors in winter conditions and put the actors and crew through hell to get it right.  They hardly used any CGI.

But mostly, the writers and producers have a true love for the story material and are staying true to the "really good yarn" that Diana Gabaldon wrote.  The author has been retained as a advisor and has been consulted on everything from scripts to casting.  They are producing it for the fans of the books, assured in the fact that new fans will follow because it's that good.

I could go on and on.  Just a few more facts to pique your interest.....  the writers call the central male character "The King of Men" because he's All That.  The actress who plays the female lead says of her character, "Well, she's just a badass - the women all want to BE her."  The Executive Producer describes the show as "Highlander meets Game of Thrones visits Dr. Quinn falls into the Time Tunnel."

Check out the preview.  Can't wait!

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