Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Garden planning

It's been in the back of my mind, but so far I've done nothing.  Two years of abysmal failure is not a good motivator.

But I've been exchanging emails with Farmer Sandra who DOES know how to garden, and supplies me with the yummiest stuff.  We've been planning a "joint chicken order" (more on that later), and she's gotten me excited now.  She even sent me pictures.

She says, "FYI, This year I will also have some started seeds that will be transplant size that will be available for sale for any back yard gardens as well. Let me know if you're interested...tomatoes, broccoli, cabbabe, cauliflower, peppers..that sorta thing.

All my seed is from organic sources so that's all good too.  I've been using these kewl lil seed plugs...they expand in size when watered and allow for ease of germination.  I then pop the whole thing into a 3" jiffy pot, harden them off and plant them directly into the garden when the time is right...very easy.  Also, tweezers are the way to go on planting the seeds."
So, now I am excited!  Now I don't have to be a "drive by stalker" at the nursery wondering when their delivery truck comes, and then lurk at the back of the place when the truck DOES come, to get the varieties I want, and the healthiest-looking plants.  I will have organic, heirloom seedlings to start in my freshly tilled soil.
So - motivation has set in.  I think I will go scavenge some horse manure.


Sandra said...

Oh Pam...do I have a selection of manure for you: horse, chicken, alpaca, sheep, goat, turkey...just tell me how much ya need. This is fresh, so you'll need to cure it a bit in a compost pile. Farmer Sandra...aka...Shaman in a Straw Hat.

Papa said...

Best advice I can give is put a timed drip system in your garden. saves water and time standing there with a hose.