Friday, January 14, 2011

I am not Wonderwoman

Today I didn't.....
  • Clean up the kitchen after breakfast.  Thank you, Ray, for doing it for me.
  • Style my hair.  I dragged it back off my face and stuck a sparkly clip in it and hoped nobody would notice.
  • Cook.  Breakfast was packaged oatmeal, dinner will be spaghetti w/ canned sauce and frozen meatballs.  I can't even be self-righteous and claim to use my own tomato sauce because I never got around to canning any this season.
  • See my daughter for more than 20 minutes.

This week I didn't.....
  • Wash the red sweatshirt my son needs tomorrow.
  • Fold any of the laundry that I DID manage to get washed.  Can I start a "wrinkled look" fashion trend if my whole family participates?
  • Mop
  • Clip the mats off Dixie's hindquarters.  They're still there, looking like dreadlocks.  Maybe I'll rename her "Rasta Dawg" and cultivate the look.
  • Exercise
  • Use any coupons

This month I didn't......
  • Earn any money whatsoever.
  • Organize my backyard for winter.
  • Wash my windows and now it's too cold.
  • Purge my growing pile of magazines, recipes, catalogs, garden seeds, dog collars, nail polish, school memos, electronic chargers and adapters, etc. that is in the kitchen.
  • Mop
  • Hang those hooks in Aidan's closet that I got a year ago.
What DID I do?  Forgive myself.  Not every day can be "that" day where you hair, children and dogs all cooperate.  Where your car, kitchen and bathrooms stay clean for more than 27 seconds, and where you find the time to hang that hook, that curtain rod, or that annoying PTA lady.

We do our best.  I'll mop before company comes, merely fantasize about hanging the PTA lady, maybe ask one of the kids to clip the dog and try not to stress about the rest. I'd rather leave the dishes and the windows and have a few more moments with my family.  I imagine myself as a camera lens, with the F-stop adjusted so that I only focus on what's important, and the PTA lady, unmopped floors and laundry are all blurry and unimportant to the overall composition.

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