Friday, May 28, 2010

Time for Change

I am so ready. 

I am so ready to be done packing lunches every day.  To be done spending 3-5 hours every single night driving from one activity to another.  I am so ready to be done studying for Spanish tests. To be done with having my dining room look like a one-room school house.  To be done with flinging together dinner in 15 minutes at 7:45 at night.  I am so ready to be done with signing planners and ICARE sheets every single day

I am ready.  Ready for a bit more unstructured time.  Kids in the pool.  I even think I am ready for arising daily at 5:30 for swim practice.  That time slot doesn't conflict with anything, after all.  I am ready for trips to water parks and movies.  Sleepovers in the clubhouse.

Check back with me mid-August.  I'm sure I'll be done with wet towels, 6 meals a day, OPK, the early mornings, the heat.  And be pining away for the structure of the school year.

But for now - I say bring it!

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