Thursday, December 10, 2009

Apparently she can sing!

If you recall from these posts, Bridget has got a bit of the performance bug.  She likes to sing, and although she is shy, she does get a certain amount of gratification from performing.

She just won't sing for us.  Her school produces a CD each year that is a combination of all the grades, the choir, the faculty and a few soloists.  Bridget auditioned for and got a solo part.  She rehearsed for the audition in private, and we weren't allowed to go to the recording session.  We never get to hear her sing!

The CDs were distributed yesterday and I was anxious to pick Bridget up from school so that I could hear it right away.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  She even had a cold when she recorded it.  She is in a duet with another little girl, Bridget sings first in both parts of the song. 

To hear it, click on MP3 icon below. Enjoy!


Dan said...

that's wonderful!!! Babe and I just listened a couple times and LOVE it!! thanks for sending that -- really nice and easy, natural singing voice. nice. love it. cousin Dan

Papa said...

I've finally got a kid that can sing, even if it is a grandkid!!!

She doesn't just sing it she goes after it!

I've played it 4 times now, first one with tears.

Great job, Bridie.

Paula said...

Wow!! Bridie, can you teach me to sing?
Your Christmas song was absolutely, beautifully done. Fantastic job! Mom and dad have good reason to be very, very proud!!! Loves, Paula-Poo
(Pamela-Poo's friend in CA)

Cathy West said...

That was awesome! Great job! Merry Christmas!