Friday, May 29, 2009

A Chip off the Old Block

I started feeling a little overwhelmed yesterday. This time of year is just NUTS, I tell ya. All the end-of-year activities, trying to finish up stuff, add in the fact that we're having 4 parties in 4 weeks (just NUTS, I tell ya!) and, well, I did the UNTHINKABLE and sat down and actually wrote a To Do list.

Mostly, I carry this list (along with many others, like the grocery list) around in my head, and mostly, I do alright. But yesterday I was convinced I would be unable to get through the next 48 hours without stranding a child somewhere or forgetting a birthday gift or not scheduling time for a shower. Yes, it's that bad.

So, last night I got home with Bridget check! (after Talent Show rehearsal check! and PTA picnic check!, why-oh-why did I let her con me into going to THAT bore?) and I was cleaning out her lunchbox check!

Down beneath the uneaten carrot sticks and unused handy-wipe, I found this note. Guess she's feeling the pressure too.

And once again, I am pleased and amazed that she is developing yet another necessary life skill to help her cope with things.

I was also pleased to note that she too, had to schedule her shower into her timetable. Guess I'm not so nuts. Either that, or maybe we both are.

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