Monday, October 27, 2008

The Most Patient Horse in the World

Meet Huckleberry.

How many horses do you know that would put up with this?

He's the cutest little pony and he lives at the barn where Bridget takes lessons. While he's generally used with young beginners, some kids DO ride him over jumps at a full canter. He's about a hundred in horse years and just loves his job.

As part of this weekend's horse show (Bridget did not compete - still not ready to make that leap), there was a costume parade.

Bridget and two of her barn buddies wanted to enter. We mommies said "Only if you figure it out for yourselves, we are not sewing costumes anymore!" So, on Saturday those 3 crazy girls dug through all their old costumes and decided to be a punk rock band with a horse.

Besides having to do very little work, wanna know what the best part was?

They WON!


Michele S said...

I just looked at your jelly post and I must say you are a freakish overachiever! OMG! You had little labels and little cloth on your jars. You are IN-SANE! I bow to you.

I am not worthy. I am not worthy!

That was seriously impressive. I'm not giving up. I'm just way to OCD for that business. I WILL own that pomegranate jelly if it kills me.

my so-called life said...

I love this and sure wish we could have seen it IN PERSON! why is it that I have not learned how to be in two places at once yet? oh, i set up a blog....hummmmm......

Anonymous said...

You ROCK Bridie!