Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm a Quitter!

I have once again joined the ranks of the unemployed.

I actually QUIT my job.

For an organization founded by MOTHERS, they have proven to be surprisingly inflexible about the demands of my personal life (read: motherhood).

Between the commute (= time + money), the childcare costs, and the fact that I haven't prepared a meal for my family in months, it just wasn't worth it. Most non-profits I've been involved with understand that the low pay means a certain amount of flexibility to manage your personal life in the most low-cost way possible. Not this one.

It's really too bad, because I liked the job a lot, and felt I was pretty good at it. Was told I was good at it too.

But alas.... they don't do telecommuting. They don't do part-time. They won't let me be a consultant.


My decision was reinforced this week twice. The kids come home to an empty house and have an hour or so on their own before they have practices, lessons, etc. w/ a rotating plethora of transport modes. Aidan came home to find his baby gecko (birthday present) dead. Called me sobbing hysterically and there was not a thing I could do. A few days later, Bridget got herself worked into a puddle of tears over the whole horse thing (being scared lately) right before her lesson. Again, not a thing I could do but try to calm her down and make a call to the riding instructor to warn her.



Now I can:
  • resurrect Fergus, my dormant sourdough starter and start baking fresh bread again

  • finish stripping the wallpaper from Aidan's bathroom

  • paint the guestroom

  • cook fresh & healthy meals for the family

  • get back to regular exercising

  • invite people for dinner

  • fulfill my carpool obligations

Now why can't I get paid for any of that???


Cathy West said...

You go girl! I wish I could quit my job! *big sigh*'s all good. A bunch of us gals went to see Sex and the City last night, it was good and putting all the fluff aside, the underlying message of women's friendship rings strong and true, your courage to up and quit is empowering!! Enjoy the summer!

Pam Glynn said...

Well, as I have heard said, this is the "hardest job" you'll ever have. I am putting in 14 hour days now, NON STOP. Seriously - today for example: up at 5:45 to get Aidan off for swim practice. Back home to make my daily bread and set it to rise. Back out at 7:30 to (OK, this is FUN) go horseback riding in the woods w/ my Main Gal, Lori. Home by 9:30 to cook up pancakes for the exhausted Aidan, Bridget, her sleepover pal, and Ray. Clean up. Punch down bread, set for 2nd rising. Throw in another load of wash. Make a picnic lunch. Drive Bridget's pal home, and take picnic (and Bridget) to former riding instructor who is on bed rest while "cooking" twins. Home in time to hook Bridget up w/ next play date and infuse some more calories into Aidan (pj&J) and Ray (homemade french bread & soup)and get Aidan organized for this weekend's Road Trip. Head out w/ both kids to swim practice and a stop at Target. Head back home 3 hrs later, picking up another sleepover pal on the way. Cook dinner (grilled fish, sausage, broccoli, bread), rush Aidan and Ray out the door for Boy Scouts. Clean up. It is now 7:43. I've been at it 11 hours, 58 minutes.

I'm exhausted, but I feel good about every minute spent today.